We are not going to be able to have our usual Xmas fair this year but we are hoping to be able to create some magic for the children in other ways! We will be setting up stalls and games for the children to take turns by class visiting during the school day. We would appreciate a donation of £5 per child for this if possible, This can be paid via the website or in cash to the Infant and Junior school offices.


PLUS...If you would like to help out a little more this year, you can add a new donation for a family in need. Just select "GIFT" from the year gropu drop down.

School Day Xmas Fair Donation

  • Please drop any donations for the below into the Infant or Junior school offices by Friday 3rd December.


    • Secret room Gifts (these are for the children to select and wrap to give their parent/caregiver at Xmas)
    • Childrens Tombola prizes – toys/books etc
    • Wrapping paper  - any kind.