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Reading Ideas

1. Read to your pet. If you don’t have a pet, read to a soft toy.
2. Read a book in the bath – mind you don’t drop it!
3. Read under the covers with a torch.
4. Read a book that was written in the year you were born.
5. Read a book about animals.
6. Read for 20 minutes straight (or a time that you think is right for your child's reading level).
7. Read a bedtime story to your mum or dad, instead of them reading one to you
8. Read a book about your favourite hobby or interest – for example, performing, football, art, rugby, superheroes or space
9. Read a book with a one-word title.
10. Read a non-fiction book

11. Read to your brother or sister (if you have one)

12. Read a biography

13. Read your best friend’s favourite book

14. Read a book that’s been made into a film or about your favourite TV character

15. Read some poetry

16. Read a joke book and then try and remember the jokes you read

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