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Voluntary Contributions for Polehampton Schools

Due to funding cuts over recent years, Parental Voluntary Contributions are requested each year by our schools (which we can also claim Gift Aid on). These contributions help pay for consumable materials that include items essential to every child – books, paper, pencils and arts and craft materials. The cost of materials to the school is considerable and we are very grateful to parents who can help us with this.

With last year’s contributions, we were able to fund some of the important subscriptions we need for things like Spelling Shed, TT Rockstars, White Rose maths and a lot more.

We really do appreciate these voluntary donations and will use every penny carefully to continue to provide an excellent education for our Polehampton children. We do however understand that these are challenging times for lots of people so please do not feel under pressure to give beyond your means.

If you'd like to make any contribution please complete the form on this page. If you'd prefer to make a monthly bank transfer, then we are happy to receive that – please email the school admin for details. However, we would be unable to claim Gift Aid on this type of donation.

We are grateful for anything you can contribute, please do not feel obliged to give beyond your means. 



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Thank you for your contribution. We really appreciate your help.

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