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Sponsored Egg & Spoonathon - wc 4th April 2022

Every year we like to undertake a spring sponsored challenge so that the children can take part in actively raising funds for the school. This year we would like to raise money to help purchase maths resources in school but also to use some of the funds to support the dire situation in the Ukraine. We hope that this will help the children feel that they are able to help in some way.


The event this year will be a fun Easter themed activity. Each child will play their part by joining in an Egg and Spoon relay around the school fields – different distances for the Infants and Juniors. The children will be put into team of 4 and see who can get the furthest without dropping their egg!


With the Egg and Spoonathon, during the week commencing 4th April, we are hoping that you will try and get as many sponsors as possible - Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, neighbours and perhaps colleagues at work. As we're still in a pandemic environment, we're trying to keeps things as 'virtual' and as easy as possible which is why we're doing as much as we can online.


So simply add an amount you'd like to sponsor in the form  - and don't forget to let us know if you're a UK tax payer and we can claim Gift Aid on the amount. You can also share this page with family & friends.


We will be needing parent volunteers on the days of the challenge. If you're not already on the PTA Helping Hands whatsapp group please email with your mobile number and we'll add you on. We will ask on there for parent volunteers.

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Sponsorship Form
For Egg and Spoonathon 2022
Year group:

Thank you for your sponsorship - we really appreciate your support.

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